Trademark verification

In order to understand whether to apply for state registration of your trademark (logo), we recommend:

- take the opportunity to conduct a search of already registered and applied for registration identical or similar trademarks with your image in Rospatent's libraries.  

- to provide an opportunity to analyze the search results and give your forecast concerning the possibility of further registration on the basis of the search results and methodological recommendations of Rospatent. 

In case if any registered identical (identical marks) or confusingly similar (when one is associated with the other but with slight differences) to your trademark are found, the Russian PTO will most probably refuse to register your designation as a trademark.

In this case you could make the following decisions:

1. Not to register your trademark.

2. Change your trademark or develop a new one.

Cost of verification:

Verification of verbal trademark, one class of the Nice Classification - 2 working days, 7000 rubles.

Fine trademark, one class of the Nice Classification - 3 working days, 10 000 rubles.

Combined trademark, one class of the Nice Classification - 4 working days, 13 000 rub.

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