Liquidation of LLC 

Carry out the entire procedure of liquidation on their own is really difficult, so we recommend contacting us.

Closing the LLC is the most reliable procedure and has no unpleasant consequences in the future.

Liquidation of LLC is a procedure stipulated by law, which terminates its activity, and its rights and obligations do not pass to other persons by way of universal succession.

The deadline for fulfilling the obligations of a legal entity to creditors comes from the date of the decision on liquidation.

Liquidation of LLC LLC can be closed in the following ways:

1. Voluntary (formal liquidation), carried out by the decision of the participants;

2. Compulsory, which is decided by the court.

Voluntary liquidation:

The following reasons may lead to the voluntary liquidation of LLC:

- the goal for which the owners of the organization decided to create it has been successfully achieved;

- the firm was created for a certain period of time and it has come to its end;

- the financial activity of the company is unprofitable;

- the owners have lost interest in their organization, and selling the business is not possible.

Such a procedure as the closure of the company, can go relatively quickly and painlessly in the case when the company has no financial problems and the firm has sufficient funds to pay off all existing debts.

Forced liquidation of LLC

The court orders the forced liquidation of the organization based on the following reasons:

-    the firm performs work that is subject to licensing, without a license;

-    when setting up the firm, violations of the law were committed, which subsequently cannot be eliminated;

-    carrying out activities that are prohibited by law, violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation, or contradict legislative acts;

-    an organization that is listed as a non-profit organization (for example, a public organization, religious organization, charitable foundation, and others) carries out activities that are contrary to the originally stated statutory objectives.

Legislation also provides for other cases of forced liquidation of LLC.

Step-by-step liquidation of LLC 

Initial stage

Adoption of a decision (protocol) on the liquidation of the LLC, the agenda of which includes the following tasks:

- appointment of the liquidation commission (liquidator),

- the procedure and terms of liquidation of the company,

- The publication in the journal Vestnik gosudarstvenny registratsii and Fedresursa of the message about the liquidation.

Submission to the registration center (tax office) of the notice of appointment of the liquidation commission and the decision. The applicant's signature on the notice shall be notarized.

The end of the initial stage is to get the record sheet from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities at the Registry Center.

Submit an application to the tax office at the place of registration of your organization for the issuance of a certificate of the status of calculations on taxes, penalties, etc. The debt must be repaid.

Pay existing debts to the pension fund for the payment of insurance premiums, penalties, submit all reports.

Pay existing debts to the Social Insurance Fund, if there are unpaid contributions, fines, pay, submit all reports.

Intermediate Stage

Adoption of a decision (minutes) to draw up and approve the interim liquidation balance sheet.

After two months from the date of publication of the announcement about the liquidation of the organization must be submitted to the Registry Center:

- notice of the preparation of the interim liquidation balance sheet;

- decision

The intermediate stage ends with the receipt of the record sheet from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities at the Registry Center.

Important! From the moment an entry is made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities about the decision to liquidate LLC, the tax inspectorate can conduct an inspection of your company.

The final stage

Documents for the liquidation of LLC:

- Decision (minutes) on preparation and approval of the interim liquidation balance sheet.

- Application according to the form signed by the applicant (the applicant's signature is notarized).

- Liquidation balance - in three copies, one to the tax office at the place of registration, the second with a stamp of the tax office shall be submitted to the Registry Center, the third copy is yours.

- The state fee 800 rubles - if the company's account is closed it may be paid by the applicant.

- Document confirming the submission to the territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation of information about insured persons - issued in the Pension Fund after submitting the application.

Подготовка документов для закрытия ООО и сама процедура ликвидации ООО — это довольно сложный процесс. Если Вы не уверены в своих знаниях или у вас нет времени заняться процедурой ликвидации самостоятельно — доверьте эту работу юристам нашей компании.

Preparation of documents for the closure of LLC and the procedure for the liquidation of LLC - it is quite a complicated process. If you are not confident in your knowledge or you do not have time to deal with the liquidation procedure yourself - entrust this work to lawyers of our company.

The cost of liquidation of LLC - 30 000 rubles.

additional expenses - from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles.


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