IP registration

Registration of an IE in Rostov-on-Don is carried out by the tax inspection at the place of his residence, i.e. permanent residence registration in 3 working days. It is allowed to open a sole proprietorship if it is the only one. Thus pays a state duty - 800 rubles.

The service of opening a sole proprietorship includes:

- The selection of OKVED the main and additional types of economic activity.

- Application for registration of IE.

- Preparation of notification of the transition to STS or UTII.

- Registration in the tax office as a sole proprietorship.

- Providing a letter from the State Statistics Committee.

- Registration in the Pension and Social Security Fund.

Duration of preparation of documentation - 1 day.

Thus, you will not waste your time in queues but will do something more useful.

What documents must be submitted to open an IE:

Citizens of Russia

1.    Passport and copies of all its pages, including without records, notarized.
2.    TIN certificate.
3.    Document on temporary registration at the place of residence (required if the passport does not contain a record of the residence address).
4.    State duty 800 rubles. (The receipt is formed at the tax authorities' site by our specialists).
5.    Notarial Power of Attorney + 1 notarial copy.

To register IP in Russia a foreign citizen and stateless person shall submit:

1.    A copy of foreign citizen's passport with a notarized translation into Russian.
2.    Residence permit or temporary residence permit.
3.    Document on registration at the place of stay.
4.    State duty 800 rubles. (the receipt is formed on the tax authorities' website by our specialists).
5.    Notarial Power of Attorney + 1 notarial copy.

How long does it take to formalize the IP? - Not more than 3 working days.

After registration of the IP you receive by the act:

- The record sheet from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs.
- The notice on statement of the physical person in a tax body.
- The notification on the registration in the Territorial Financial Fund.
- Letter from Statistician.
- Statement on the transition to a simplified tax system, with a stamp of acceptance by the inspectorate.

After registration of IE 2021 will put IE on the account in the Pension Fund, tell about the insurance contributions! We will provide accounting support.

The cost of the service:

Application for registration of IE - 2 200 rubles.

Includes: advice on the procedure of registration of IE, the amount of insurance premiums, the selection of okveds, tax systems, preparing a receipt for payment of state fees for the registration of IE, preparation of application for registration of IE, preparing a notice of transition to a simplified tax regime.
The cost of registration of IP on a turnkey basis in Rostov-on-Don - 4 000 rubles.

Registration of IP Rostov region - 10 000 rubles.

The price does not include additional costs

IC First Instance - registration IP 2022, advice IP, business support IP, how to become an individual entrepreneur.

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